Theatre de l’Ange Fou – The Multifaceted World of Modern Movement Theatre

Broom Street Theater is proud to host Theatre de l’Ange Fou, some the world’s foremost practitioners of Corporeal Mime. The evening will consist of two one-acts.

First, Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist classic, “The Lesson”, directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum, and performed by Dee King, Gayle Grigg, and Fiona King.

Second, Idleness, Sorrow, a Friend and a Foe. This devised play explores the solitude of the woman poet through the intermingling of movement and text from Sappho, Dickinson, Stein and Parker. Directed and choreographed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum, and performed by Catherine Young.

September 7,8,9 at 8pm.
September 10 at 2pm.

The Theatre de l’Ange Fou and the International School of Corporeal Mime (formerly known as the Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique) were created...

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Her Dream, a Pen, and a Book.

Welcome to Cape Cache, a village cursed centuries ago to remain apathetic and complacent against both the trials and joys of the world. Along with this infliction came the mysterious Dreams, guardians from another world to inspire children as they grow up. With their guidance, everything should be in order – but the scales are tipped when families reject the Dreams, and the solemn Corvid swoops in to steal them away. Catry of Cape Cache and Todd the Dream set out to reunite a lost pair in a whimsical fantasy tale of goodwill, hope, and sacrifice.

Written and directed by Morganna Grim, with original music composed and performed live by Baltimore Krahn, Emily Swanson, and Liam McCarty. Choreography by Loryn Jonelis.

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Dick Pix Montana

In fair Verona, Wisconsin, where we lay our scene…

Broom Street Theater presents an original premiere never-before-seen Shakespearean cyber-thriller courtroom drama romantic tragicomedy with psychosexual undertones, from the writer of “Spread the Nudes” and “Lobotomy: the Musical!”

What more do you really need to know? Alright if you insist: it’s about a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, banished by their parents, who can communicate only through Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Romeo (Richard) accidentally snaps a photo of his, um, masculine silhouette to a modern-day Juliet…except he posts it to his Snapchat story instead of the intended object of his affection. O Romeo, wherefore didst thy thumb slippeth while using Snapchat?

Everyone in the teeming metropolis of Verona, Wiscons...

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This isn’t the story your mother read to you. Geppetto is an angry drunk who creates a puppet out of boredom. Pinocchio of course is magically brought to life but sadly rejects him and runs away. Geppetto, alone once again, has a decision to make: stay at home and continue in his dead-end life or risk it all and go after a puppet who may once again reject him. As they both search the whole wide world for what defines them, their journeys ultimately lead them back to each other. Along the way they meet many shady and magical characters that push them to their limit. After they emerge from the belly of the whale with their lives transformed, they can face their new adventures together.

This stories combines elements of the classic children’s tale combined with other familiar myths and fables...

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Dumpster Flower

Dumpster Flower PosterThe Nova Nilla Theatre Collective begins load-in for a bizarre (and atrocious) adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with imminent failure on the horizon.
As with all tech weeks, there are the usual hang-ups – until most of the actors walk.

With the artistic director and his staff on the chopping block, the technicians make a last-ditch effort to save their jobs and their interpersonal relationships. The show goes on.

A fully immersive experience, Dumpster Flower weaves together our love affair with theatre and our theatrical love affairs.

HeatherJane Farr
Elliott Puckette
EmmaJane DeWeese
Stacey Garbarski
John Siewert
Heather Renken
Alyssa Stowe
Rachel Stetenfeld
Desmond Hawkins
Nick Kaprelian

With the technical skills of:
Taylor Kokinos
Loryn Jonelis
Viktor Petterson
Kip Pric...

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