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Paul Blart 3: Blart Of Darkness

Friday, Oct 27 - Saturday, Nov 18
Thursday - Saturday

Paul Blart 3: Blart of Darkness is a post-apocalyptic tale that takes place ten years after the collapse of society. All that remains of humanity is a scattering of isolated villages. From the ashes, one brave woman tries to restart civilization by building a place where people can once again come together: a shopping mall. But the warlords who thrive in chaos want to destroy this new mall before it can even open. To save the mall, to save humanity itself, she will need to find and recruit the greatest mall cop the world has ever known.

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Alan Talaga
Doug Reed

Administrator Wright: Amy Rowland
Aurora: Meaghan Heires
Chloe: Kyla Vaughan
General Skullblood: Sibley
Commander Wrathfist: Adrian Beyer
Lord Ferocious: David Fisher
The Narrator: Shivam Patel
Paul Blart: Anthony Cary