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Doed Koecks

Friday, Apr 29 - Saturday, May 21
Thursday - Saturday

Behaved badly and on your deathbed? No problem. Doed Koeck’s sin eaters have your back. The resurrection of a medieval rite turns worldwide religion upside down, in this unfortunately credible story of greed, ambition and hubris emanating from a small Wisconsin town.

Cassie Hankins

Christine Otter: Liz Angle
Bobby Otter: Bryan Royston
Bruno Otter: Misha Latyshev
Becky Bargos: Kristin Scheeler
Luke Stephens, other roles: Matt Windmoeller-Schmit
Graves, other roles: Mitch Taylor
Elise, other roles: Betsy Wood
CFO, other roles: Aimee Reiss