The Guest Book – written and directed by Gina M. Gómez

Auditions: June 6 & 7 – 6:30pm – at Broom Street Theater (1119 Williamson St.)

Performances run August 12th to August 27th. Rehearsals begin July 5.

In order to find closure, Sam attends her ex-fiances wedding with her cousin Eve. She feels that attending will help close the door on Roger and his cousin Vincent, and their family. Meanwhile, Vincent and Roger are just trying to survive the wedding, and become a “legitimate business” family. Parker and Ash, banquet servers at the venue, are added to the madness and make sure everyone stays confused. All the while Eve has plans of her own.

Auditions are for the roles of Vincent, Parker, and Ash.

VINCENT: male presenting; late 30s to 40s

PARKER: whatever gender actor is; 20s to 40s

ASH: whatever gender actor is; 20s to 40s

Please come prepared to move and read from sides. Experience in improv is great but not necessary. Contact director Gina M. Gómez with questions: