Submission notice for Auditions for Genealogy

Broom Street Theater special presentation of the Knowledge Workings Theater production Genealogy. Information below:

Performance Venue: Broom Street Theater

Performance Dates: November 5-20, 2021

Rehearsal Start Date: October 11, 2021

Authors: T.J. Elliott & Joe Queenan

Director: Dana Pellebon

All roles are cast with the exception of Glenn Weber. Video submission of a 3-minute comedic monologue and the audition side linked here:…/1COPg9Z…/edit… must be submitted no later than September 1, 2021 to

Genealogy: Summary

Genealogy, explores how a shocking ancestral connection revealed during the taping of a reality podcast incites a series of surprising negotiations and unanticipated antics among its participants. The host of “Chasing the Dead” is Glenn Weber, a former “influencer” and erstwhile MTV emcee who attempts to finesse his guests – two high-profile, straight married couples, one black and one white – while wrestling with the demands of unseen supervisors in the Control Room. When Mosiah Wilson, a former all-star pro football player and his wife, professor and activist Aaliyah Levin-Wilson, meet home-maker and former prosecutor, ‘Muggs’ Moriarty Hunt and her husband, Hamilton Hunt, a high-profile lawyer whose presumably illustrious family tree is under scrutiny, a power struggle ensues. Individual allegiances seem to sway and shift over culpability for the legacy of slavery and the debate over reparations.

Character Description: Glenn Weber

Glenn is in his late 20s, tall, even gangly, and decked out in his tortoiseshell glasses, jeans, and t-shirt as if he just stepped out of the hippest coffee shop in Brooklyn. Awash in followers online, Glenn determinedly projects the easy air of an influencer even as he perceives gathering clouds of doubt as to exactly how that reputation and status will endure.  

Video submissions or questions should be sent to Director, Dana Pellebon, at