Geppetto is adding additional auditions slots on the evenings of February 8 and 9.

There are also some slots available this weekend.

To schedule your audition, please contact Stephen Murray at stephenfmurray(at) and be sure to include “Geppetto auditions” in the subject line.

This isn’t the story your mother read to you. Geppetto starts as an angry drunk who creates a puppet to save him from his loneliness. Sadly, Pinocchio’s desire for independence leads him to run away leaving Geppetto alone once again. He then has a decision to make: to stay at home and continue in his dreary life or to take a risk and go after the puppet who may once again reject him. As both search the whole wide world for what defines them, their journeys ultimately lead them to the same place: each other. After the to emerge from the belly of the whale with their lives transformed, they can face their new adventures together. This telling combines the classic children’s tale combined with other familiar myths and fables (such as the biblical tales of the prodigal son and Jonah and the whale) mirrors the challenges we face every day as we strive to shake off our own woodenness and become more human.

Casting for:
1. Geppetto (M) a homeless drunk. late 30s or 40s
2. Pinocchio (M/F) the puppet come to life.
3. Morgan (F) a fairy.
4. Fox (M) a shyster.
5. Kat (F) his sinister friend.
6. Linus (M) a villain
7. 2-4 additional small roles

• Seeking a diverse cast.
• A background in clown, mime, masks, puppetry, movement, acrobatics, tumbling, stilt walking, musical instruments, and etc. are a plus but not required.