The God Cluster: A Queer Pandemic Revenge Tragedy

Broom Street Theater is happy to announce auditions for our upcoming show.


Tue, Jul 30th at 7:30pm

Wed, Jul 31st at 7:30pm


Broom Street Theater

1119 Williamson Street

Madison, WI

The God Cluster by Ernie Lijoi, directed by Sean Langenecker, will be performed at Broom Street Theater, Thurs-Sun Oct 4-25.

Rehearsals begin September 1 and will generally be in the Sun-Thurs, 7-10pm range based on conflicts.

The God Cluster, subtitled ‘a queer pandemic revenge tragedy’, is a thrilling new three-hander (featuring Jessica Jane Witham and Karl Reinhardt) set in a vaccine lab during the next pandemic. Exploring morality through medicine and love through loss, this forceful, blatant trio of characters engage in a neo-trolley problem that will have audiences gasping throughout and debating well after the curtain falls.

Dr. Nasir (F, 20-35) is the new intern in the lab of a brilliant neurologist who is working on a vaccine for the latest pandemic. She is a very traditional Muslim, wears a hijab, idolizes her boss, and is unwillingly pulled into the debate of the century all while losing touch with everything she thought she knew about herself and finding someone completely new in the process.

Auditions will be held July 30 & 31, beginning at 7:30pm at Broom Street Theater. Please email to schedule an audition time and get an audition form and sides from the script. Those interested in auditioning may also just come to Broom Street Theater without an appointment either evening at 7:30pm; please be on time! We will audition you after the other appointments.

For all questions, scheduling an audition, or a copy of audition sides please email