Friends, the Broom Street Theater building needs a new roof. 

I wish we were coming to you with better news. A few weeks ago, we discovered that we have a couple of leaks, and some ceiling water damage. The roof is 30 years old, and we’re going to have to do a rip and replace. 

We had hoped to get through 2020 without having to ask for money. Our plan was to keep the lights off and remain quietly in hibernation until we’re ready to welcome the audience back.

Unfortunately, we need to pass the basket. With the loss of ticket revenue, and this new emergency expense, our once-stable financial situation is now precarious. We know in this pandemic year that there are a lot of worthy causes competing for your dollar. 

Broom Street Theater has been a part of the Madison arts landscape for over half a century. We’re produced over 300 original shows in that time. We’ve had alumni go on to win Tonys and Oscars. Couples have met and married during Broom Street shows. Broom Streeters have gone on to found theater companies all over the world. 

Can you help us? 

Donations may be made through PayPal or our GoFundMe campaign.

If you’d like to bypass the processing fees, you can mail a check to:

Broom Street Theater
1119 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703 

Note: If the PayPal button below isn’t working, you can direct your PayPal contributions to dd@bstonline.org

What do you get in return for your generous contribution?

$5 – Our Artistic Director will send you a selfie wearing nothing but a Broom Street logo thong.

$10 – Our Artistic Director promises to never send you that selfie. Ever. Plus, you’ll be invited to our Grand Reopening reception.

$25 – Everything at the previous levels (except the selfie), plus two free passes to any show once we reopen.

$100 – Everything at the previous levels (except the selfie), plus we’ll paint your name on the new roof! The next time the Google Maps satellite snaps our picture, your generosity will be on display for all the internet to see.

$1,000 – Everything at the previous levels (except the selfie) PLUS we dedicate a night of theater in your honor. You choose the night. You may bring as many complimentary guests as you’d like (subject to building occupancy limits). We will recognize your generosity, and feature you on the cover of the evening’s program.

$25,000 or more – Our Artistic Director, Doug Reed, will write and direct the play version of your life! You’ll be the hero! You’ll get to see yourself onstage saying all the witty and charming things you wish you’d said in real life! You’ll perform feats of derring-do! Imagine how impressed your friends and family will be when they see how epic your life has been!