Our Past Shows

TitleYear (chronological order)DirectorPlaywright
Lysistrata1969-01Stuart GordonAristophanes
1969-02Joel GersmannGeorg Buchner
Don Perimplin’s Love with Belsa In The Garden (double feature paired with Wreckers Incopated)1969-03 (August 7–10 Thurs – Sun)Based on Federico García Lorca‘s Don Periplim
Wreckers Incopated (double feature paired with Don Perimplin’s Love with Belsa In The Garden)1969-03 (August 7–10 Thurs – Sun)Bill ReesePeter Manesis
The Exception and the Rule (double feature paired with The Madness of Lady Bright)1969-04 (mid-August)Cind FritzBertolt Brecht
The Madness of Lady Bright (double feature paired with The Exception and the Rule)1969-04 (mid-August)Cind FritzLanford Wilson
Evergreen1969-05 (late September)Henry (Hank) HaslachHenry (Hank) Haslack
Wreckers Incopated1969-06 (late September)Bill ReesePeter Manesis
Dutchman1969-07Charles WiseLeroi Jones
Solemn Communion: A Panic Ceremony1969-08Joel GersmannFernande Arrabal
Orison (paired with Dr. Kheal and Notes From A Vietnamese Phrase Book as a triple feature titled The Hypotenuse of Angst)1969-09Joel GersmannFernande Arrabal
Dr. Kheal (paired with Orison and Notes From A Vietnamese Phrase Book as a triple feature titled The Hypotenuse of Angst)1969-09Joel GersmannMaria Irene Fornes
Notes From A Vietnamese Phrase Book (paired with Orison and Dr. Kheal as a triple feature titled The Hypotenuse of Angst)1969-09Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Sequence1969-10 (December)Bill ReeseBill Reese
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest1970-01Dennis ColemanKen Kesey
Contempt of the Conspiracy 81970-02Robert SederRobert Seder
Troilus and Cressida1970-03Joel GersmannWilliam Shakespeare
The Sirens of Titan1970-04Bill ReeseKurt Vonnegut
A Dream Play1970-05Joel GersmannAugust Strindberg
The Junk Show1970-06Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Junk Show II1970-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Difficult Hour (II) (paired with Fool’s Flight as a double feature titled The Ozark Doubleheader)1970-08Joel GersmannPar Lagerkvist
Fool’s Flight (paired with The Difficult Hour [II] as a double feature titled The Ozark Doubleheader)1970-08Louis RackoffImre Goldstein
Peer Gynt1971-01Joel GersmannHenrik Ibsen
The Penal Colony1971-02Robert (Bob) SederFranz Kafka
Woyzeck (re-staged, modified from the 1969 production)1971-03Joel GersmannGeorg Buchner
Normal Love1971-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Murdock’s Rock Palace1971-05Henry (Hank) HaslackHenry (Hank) Haslack
The Attic Angel (paired with A Dog Sled as a double feature titled The Eggplant That Ate Chicago)1971-06Norman CaplanRod Clark
A Dog Sled (paired with The Attic Angel as a double feature titled The Eggplant That Ate Chicago)1971-07Chris MorrisMike Baron
We Sinned Too Young and Cried Too Late, or Passion’s Willful Curse Caused Our Downfall (paired with The Awakening of Amy Brant as a double feature titled Eat Me Tonight)1971-07Fred MurrayFred Murray
The Awakening of Amy Brant (paired with We Sinned Too Young and Cried Too Late, or Passion’s Willful Curse Caused Our Downfall as a double feature titled Eat Me Tonight)1971-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Hot Wankel1971-08Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
A Night at an Inn (paired with The Only Jealousy of Emer as a double feature titled The Flaxen Crock)1971-09John MoeLord Dunsany
The Only Jealousy of Emer (paired with A Night at an Inn as a double feature titled The Flaxen Crock)1971-09John MoeWilliam Butler Yeats
Alpha Kappa1972-01Joel GersmannMarjorie Paradis
A Midsummer Night’s Dream1972-02Joel GersmannWilliam Shakespeare
The Cavern1972-03Joel GersmannJean Anouilh
Tortured Heart1972-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
King of Siam1972-05Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
A Christmas Carol1972-06Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann & BST
The David Cassidy Story1973-01Weasel Schuler (Cynthia Schider)Weasel Schuler (Cynthia Schider)
Metamorphasis1973-02Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Big Ditch1973-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
West Side Story1973-04Weasel Schuler (Cynthia Schider)Arthur Laurents
Richard III1974-01Joel GersmannWilliam Shakespeare
Madame Butterfly1974-02Joel GersmannDavid Belasco
The Song of Bernadette1974-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Good Woman of Mazomanie1974-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Junior Miss1975-01Joel GersmannJerome Chodorov
Noah’s Flood1975-02Joel GersmannChristoffer Morris & Joel Gersmann
The Revisionist Gas (paired with The Applicant and Trouble in the Works as a triple feature titled The Big Sandwich)1975-03Thom KingRod Clark
The Applicant (paired with The Revisionist Gas and Trouble in the Works as a triple feature titled The Big Sandwich)1975-03Thom KingHarold Pinter
Trouble in the Works (paired with The Revisionist Gas and Trouble in the Works as a triple feature titled The Big Sandwich)1975-03Thom KingHarold Pinter
Nancy Drew1975-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Gone With the Wind1976-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Julius Caesar1976-02Joel GersmannWilliam Shakespeare
Marjorie Morningstar1976-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Fear Strikes Out1977-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann & Gary Alyesworth
Mildred Pierce1977-02Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
My Son John1977-03 opened April 15, 1977Joel GersmannRoger Grodsky & Joel Gersmann
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar1977-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Self Accusation (double feature paired with Waiting for Lefty)1977-05Howard WaxmanPeter Handke
Waiting for Lefty (double feature paired with Self Accusation)1977-05Howard WaxmanClifford Odets
Smoke (double feature paired with The Cardboard Camel)1977-06 – Sept 9, 1977Rod ClarkRod Clark
The Cardboard Camel (double feature paired with Smoke)1977-06 – Sept 9, 1977Rod ClarkRod Clark
Fear Strikes Out1977-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann & Gary Alyesworth
A Feast of Snakes1977-08 – October 14, 1977Charles ValenzaCharles Valenza
The Golem1977-09 – November 4, 1977Joel GersmannH. Lievick
The Great Little Christmas Show1977-10Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Beer / Tower of Baraboo1978-02 – February 9, 1978Charles ValenzaCharles Valenza
Home Sweet Home1978-03 – March 10, 1978Gary Alyesworth & Jeanette SarmientoGary Alyesworth & Jeanette Sarmiento
I Want to Live1978-04 – April 1978Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Romeo and Juliet1978-05Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Punk Rock1978-06 – June, 1978Howard WaxmanHoward Waxman
Desi Arnaz1978-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Chain Letter1978-08Rod Clark & Anne BibermanRod Clark
Action Comic1978-09Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Ramayana1979-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Who Did What When?1979-02Ada McAllisterAda McAllister
Fear Strikes Out1979-03 – April 20–22 onlyJoel GersmannJoel Gersmann & Gary Alyesworth
It’s a Wonderful Life1979-04 – May 11 – June 17Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Marcus Whitman M.D.1979-05Gary AylesworthJoel Gersmann
The Book of Job1979-06Gary Aylesworth & Joel GersmannGary Aylesworth & Joel Gersmann
The Maxwell House Demon1979-07Rod ClarkRod Clark
Home Sweet Home1979-08Gary Alyesworth & Jeanette SarmientoGary Alyesworth & Jeanette Sarmiento
Running1979-09Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Running1980-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Internal Injuries1980-02Ada McAllisterAda McAllister
The House of Mystery1980-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Wholly Balls1980-04Gary AylesworthGary Aylesworth
Favorite Son1980-05 – Aug 29 -Sept 14Marty MulhernMarty Mulhern
Feel Safe1980-06Rod ClarkRod Clark
Dick Whittington’s Cat1980-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Houdini the Jew from Appleton1981-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Brother Animal1981-02 – May 8, 1981Gary AylesworthGary Aylesworth
The Princess and the Shadow or Mama, What’s Love?1981-03 –Ray OldermanRay Olderman
The Taming of the Shrew1981-04Nancy A. PhippsWilliam Shakespeare
The Wonderful World of Jacqueline Susanne1981-05 – September 18, 1981Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Unhinged!1981-06Glenn MillerGlenn Miller
Clara Reeve1982-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Bertha Sister of the Road1982-02Ray OldermanStar Olderman
Shadowland1982-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Signalized1982-04Adrienne RabinowitzDanielle Dresden
How to Improve Your Lover’s Performance1982-05 – Aug 27 – Oct 3Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Man Who Laughs1982-06Marty MulhernMarty Mulhern
The Day of the Triffids1982-07 – Dec 3 – Dec 19Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Big Expectations1983-01Star OldermanRay Olderman
The Passion of Passover1983-02 – Mar 18 – May 8Joel Gersmann, Choreography Donna Peckett, Music Direction Neil PeckettJoel Gersmann
Hans Brinker1983-03Joel Gersmann, Choreography Donna Peckett, Music Direction Neil PeckettJoel Gersmann
Might1983-04Bryn MagnusBryn Magnus
Bombs Away Enola Gay1983-05Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Hans Brinker1983-06Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Peter Pan1983-07Frank FurilloDanielle Dresden
Ligeia Has Risen From The Grave1984-01Frank FurilloRod Clark
The Jesus Gang1984-02Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Inside the Double Helix1984-03Danielle DresdenDanielle Dresden
Light My Fire1984-04 – June 22 – July 29Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Ubik1984-05Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Packer Glory1984-06Tracy WillTracy Will
Miracle of the Dappled Rose1984-07Ray Olderman, Marjorie Pomper directed dance, Casper Sunn directed musicRay Olderman
The Black Albatross1985-01Mark PetersMark Peters
Junk Mail1985-02Star OldermanStar Olderman
Portage Potential1985-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Natural Hostages1985-04Callen Harty & Bryn MagnusBryn Magnus
Frankie N. Stein1985-05Danielle DresdenDanielle Dresden
The Phantom of Shopppko1985-06 – Sept 7 – Nov 3Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Philoctetes1985-07 – November 15 – Dec 16Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Cherry Orchard1986-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Fatal Time to Final End1986-02Tracy WillTracy Will
Sodom or the Quintessence of Debauchery1986-03 – April 25 – June 1Joel GersmannJohn Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
Roar1986-04Marty MulhernPutu Wijaya
Breakfast for the World1986-05Rod Clark & Jennifer BagnellRod Clark
The Hangwoman1986-06Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Tee-Vee Guide1987-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Park Bench1987-02Jennifer Bagnell & Williams RobinsonWilliams Robinson & Jennifer Bagnell
Midnight in Moscow1987-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
My Own Sweet Game1987-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Long Way Home1987-05 – August 6 – august 30 Thurs-Sun 1987Jay IndikHarry Schultz
Martian Time Slip1987-06Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick novel
The Good Yuppie1987-07Joel GersmannRod Clark
Creature Winds1988-01Renée MillerBryn Magnus
Nashinul Inquirer1988-02 – Mar 4 – April 10Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
D is for Danger1988-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Fat Zip1988-04Ron DaleyPaul Proch & Charles S. Kaufman
The Birds1988-05Marty MulhernAristophanes
Joe, A Life1988-06Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Woods So Wild1988-07Douglas FriedenDouglas Frieden & Chuck Pierson
Little Women1989-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Son of Jesus1989-02Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Everyperson1989-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann & Rod Clark
Secrets of Shorewood Bluff1989-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Heaven on Earth1989-05Joel GersmannSharon Elder
Noah’s Arc1989-06Ron DaleyMel Brenner
Mat Mania1989-07Paul WellsPaul Wells & Steven Orlikowski
Ligeia has Risen From the Grave1990-01Joel GersmannRod Clark
Hotel Queen1990-02Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Chicken and the Chicken Hawk1990-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Vampire Stewardesses from Hell1990-04Paul WellsPaul Wells & Steven Orlikowski
Antony and Cleopatra1990-05Joel GersmannWilliam Shakespeare
The Third Blackhawk War1990-06Ron DaleyRon Daley
Attack of the Evil Greenheads1990-07Paul WellsKetrick Lehmann
Nashinull Inquirer Returns1991-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
How Soon is Now?1991-02Paul WellsPaul Wells & Steven Orlikowski
The Grant1991-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Big Dick1991-04Paul WellsPaul Wells
The Sitcom Family1991-05Marty MulhernMarty Mulhern
Badger Orpheus1991-06Paul WellsRon Daley
Hounds on the Hoof1991-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Hamlet Part 11992-01Joel GersmannWilliam Shakespeare
Hamlet Part 21992-02Joel GersmannWilliam Shakespeare
Iron Bitch1992-03Paul WellsPaul Wells
Bon Voyage Brendan1992-04Marty MulhernMarty Mulhern
Die Lover, Die1992-05Catherine DorlCatherine Dorl
Come Back to the 7 11 Elvis Presley Elvis Presley1992-06Paul WellsPaul Wells
My Fair Arab1992-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Dream Quest1993-01Callen HartyCallen Harty
Peace of My Heart1993-02Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Twisted Sex Life of J. Edgar Hoover1993-03Paul WellsPaul Wells
Sexy Priests1993-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Dr. Kevorkian’s Kountry Kitchen1993-05Paul WellsPaul Wells
In The Matter of John David Hutchins1993-06Ron DaleyRon Daley
Wuthering Heights (Hot Sex and Leather)1993-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Adventures of Ultrahman1994-01Callen HartyCallen Harty
Real Live Sex on Stage1994-02Paul WellsPaul Wells
Ulysses Won’t You Please Come Home1994-03Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Boys in the Basement1994-04Paul WellsPaul Wells
Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson1994-05Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Wizard of Oz1994-06Paul WellsPaul Wells
The Case of the Nazi Professor1994-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Tales of the Chicken Legs: An Evening of Russian Folk Tales1995-01Nancy StreckertNancy Streckert (The Jester written by Marty Mulhern)
Devil in Paradise1995-02Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Mystery Play1995-03Callen HartyCallen Harty
Unplugged: The Kurt Cobain Story1995-04Paul WellsPaul Wells
I am Star Trek1995-05Rick VorndranRick Vorndran
Buck Mulligan’s Revenge1995-06Marty MulhernMarty Mulhern
The Abortionist1995-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Let Her get On Top1996-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Legend of Pinkbeard: Pirate of Men1996-02Callen HartyCallen Harty
Dr. Suess I Presume1996-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
Cookies For My President1996-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Please Please Please Love Me1996-05Rick VorndranRick Vorndran
Irish Lesbian Vampire1996-06Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Nazi Boy1996-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
My Favorite Alien1997-01Doug BanaskyDoug Banasky
Muffy the Bitch1997-02Callen HartyCallen Harty
Sex Drugs Rock & Roll: The Real World1997-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
The Three Sisters1997-04Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Tales for A Millennium1997-05Brian WildBrian Wild
Michelangelo Renaissance P.I.1997-06Rick VorndranRick Vorndran
Di Princess Di1997-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Yoshi’s Heroes1998-01Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Control Freaks in Love1998-02Rick VorndranRick Vorndran
Miracle Play1998-03Callen HartyCallen Harty
Walgen: A Man And His Sword1998-04Joe WeinerJoe Weiner
Gay Like Me1998-05Callen HartyCallen Harty
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Dying1998-06Brian WildBrian Wild
Make My Day: The Clint Eastwood Story1998-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Stiffy1999-01Ron CollinsRon Collins
Pippi Long Stalking1999-02Brian WildBrian Wild
691999-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
Pictures At an Exhibition1999-04Callen HartyCallen Harty
Meeting Jerry Springer1999-05Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Trench Coat Mafia1999-06John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
Breathless1999-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
What Ever Happened to Bette and Joan?2000-01Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
That Trollope Woman2000-02Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
As You Like It -or- Free Tibet: The Musical2000-03John Sable (Sabljak)Improv
The Color of Dust2000-04Callen HartyCallen Harty
Sex Kittens From Mars2000-05Brian WildBrian Wild
Irish Lesbian Vampire 22000-06Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
The Three Musketeers2000-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
The Last Thief2001-01Callen HartyCallen Harty
The Ghost and Dr. Liz2001-02Brian WildBrian Wild
Men Suck: the Amuse-icle2001-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
FACEvalue2001-04Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Oklahomo2001-05Ron CollinsRon Collins
Count Fagula2001-06Callen HartyCallen Harty
Almost A Man2001-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Tales For A New Millennium2002-01Brian WildBrian Wild
Judge2002-02Callen HartyCallen Harty
Candyland You Slut2002-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
My Four Fathers2002-04Scott FeinerScott Feiner
10 Little Idiots2002-05Querida FunckQuerida Funck
Orange Murder Suit2002-06Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
The Dumbass2002-07Brian WildBrian Wild
The Man Who Loved Sex2003-01Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Silent Play2003-02Callen HartyCallen Harty
Why Sex Why Not The Violin2003-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
The Alabaster County Little League Beauty Pageant2003-04Scott FeinerScott Feiner
Psychos in Love2003-05Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Frankenstein-Shmankenstein2003-06Ron CollinsRon Collins
The Ballerina and the Economist2003-07Joel GersmannJoel Gersmann
Oriphice2004-01Tracy GrzybowskiMatthew Grzybowski
The Altar Boy2004-02Brian WildCallen Harty
Untitled Farce2004-03Matthew GrzybowskiMatthew Grzybowski
Morality Play2004-04Callen HartyCallen Harty
Audrey Seiler, Where Are You?2004-05John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
Flowers for Dubya2004-06Brian WildBrian Wild
Radical Harry2005-01Callen HartyCallen Harty
Proper: The Series2005-02Matthew GrzybowskiMatthew Grzybowski
Sarah’s Spirits2005-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
Oklahomo!2005-04Ron CollinsRon Collins
Sledgehammer Party2005-05Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
667: Number of the Neighbor of the Beast2005-06Brian WildBrian Wild
A Wake2006-01Callen HartyCallen Harty
Fire Exit2006-02Greg JohnsonGreg Harris
Cows Gone Wild2006-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
Melvin the Angry Magician2006-04Scott FeinerScott Feiner
Oh God, There’s Baptists at the Door2006-05Heather RenkenHeather Renken
Just Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear a Tale2006-06Doug ReedDoug Reed
A Very Bitchy Christmas2006-07Brian WildBrian Wild
Debs in Prison2007-01Callen HartyCallen Harty
Dancing in Cleo’s Cafe2007-02Brian J. BelzCassi Harris
Dr. Faustus2007-03Greg JohnsonChristopher Marlowe
Why We Come Here2007-04Terry LaneMegan McGlone
Vogue2007-05Matt KenyonRon Collins
Funnel2007-06Ethan MutzEthan Mutz
Dork Side of the Moon2007-07Brian WildBrian Wild
The Maple Bluff Mystery2008-01Scott RawsonScott Rawson
Leprechaun2008-02Callen HartyCallen Harty
Multiple O2008-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
For What It’s Worth2008-04Cassi HarrisCassi Harris
Shiny Things2008-05Heather RenkenHeather Renken
Run Faggot Run2008-06Brian WildBrian Wild
Dancing With My Other2008-07Lauri HartyKathie Rassmussen
A Wake2009-01Matt KenyonCallen Harty
The birds that are your hands2009-02Sol Kelly-JonesSol Kelly-Jones
Where Were You When You Were Stolen?2009-03John Sable (Sabljak)Ron Fisher & John Sabljak
Lounging Around2009-04Ben DoranSiobhan Edge
Minglewood Blues2009-05Marty MulhurnDoug Reed
Tales From the Dork Side2009-06Brian WildBrian Wild
McBeth2009-07Greg JohnsonWilliam Shakespeare, contemporized by Callen Harty
Cattywompus2010-01Christina BellerChristina Beller & Justin Lawfer
The Wake of Liam Doherty2010-02Ndig0Siobhan Edge
Multiple O: The Second Coming2010-03John Sable (Sabljak)John Sable (Sabljak)
Television: The Play2010-04Amanda JonesAmanda Jones
A Woman On Paper2010-06Heather RenkenHeather Renken
Invisible Boy2010-07Callen HartyCallen Harty
Yoo-hoo, Rent-A-Cop, and the Ambulance Chaser’s Bitch2010-08Ethan MutzEthan Mutz
Maya & Me2011-01Kay DixonKay Dixon
Riverwest: A Rhapsody2011-02Eric TheisEric Theis
Hitler Was Right (The German Shepherd Is A Great Dog!• He Loved DOGS!) And Other Plays2011-03Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Myth America2011-04Matt KenyonCallen Harty
The Lamentable Tragedie of Scott Walker Governour of Wisconsin2011-05Doug ReedDoug Reed
A Broom Street Halloween2011-06Brian WildPaula Duerksen, Jeff Duerksen, Callen Harty, Rob Matsushita, Scott Rawson, Laszlo Reed Doug Reed, Brian Wild & the cast of A Broom Street Halloween
The Ghosts Of Christmas Past2011-07Christina Beller & Scott RawsonChristina Beller & Scott Rawson
On the Corner of Clark and Vine2012-01Autumn ShileyAutumn Shiley
Splendor in the Math2012-02Scott FeinerScott Feiner
Iceland2012-03Collin Erickson & Heather RenkenMicheal Tooher
9002012-04Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Tracks: A Cycle in Two Plays2012-05Christopher YounggrenChristopher Younggren
Rubbery with Violets, Or, If You Can See This, Thank Your Optician2012-06Jan Levine-ThalSiobhan Edge
Pericles2012-07Greg HarrisWilliam Shakespeare
One Man/One Woman, A Comedy About Marriage Equality2012-08Callen HartyCallen Harty
Seeking Flight2012-09Malissa Lamont & Heather RenkenJoan Broadman
Tales for Another Millennium2012-10Brian WildBrian Wild
Class2013-01Tyler Falco SchottColeman
Not the Artist2013-02Heather RenkenKurt Mc Ginnis Brown
Superhero Boogie2013-03Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Orphan Train2013-04Lindsey Hoel NedsDeanna Reed
Lekker Mann2013-05Tracy M. SmithTracy M. Smith
The Waiting Room2013-06Odari KimaniMichael Tooher
Triggered2013-07Callen HartyCallen Harty
The Sweet Lowdown2013-08John Siewert (Two Diabetics), Donald Dexter (The Sweet Lowdown)Matt DeFour (Two Diabetics), Mary Fairweather Dexter (The Sweet Lowdown)
Cassandra’s Gift2013-09Jan Levine-ThalJan Levine-Thal
Requiem for a Dungeon Master2014-01Scott FeinerScott Feiner
Chat2014-02Dan MyersDan Myers
W8ing 4 G-Dogg2014-03Matt KenyonBrendan Hartmann
Glasshole!2014-04Eric HolzEric Holz
Civil2014-05Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Nottingham!2014-06Heather RenkenDoug Reed
Delicious Festival At Broom Street2014-07VariousVarious
A Matter Of Legacy2014-08Malissa PettersonMalissa Petterson (Music by Ceridwen Pietras & Jennie Huntoon)
Gingerbreadcrumbs2014-09Suzan KurryChristopher Youngren
Finding Human2015-01Dan MyersDan Myers
Ten Dollar House2015-02John SiewertRick Kinnebrew & Martha Meyer
Greetings From Fitzwalkerstan2015-03Odari KimaniBrian Leahy Doyle (music by Michael Dilthey & Brian Leahy Doyle)
The Nails2015-04Rob MatsushitaDoug Reed
Held2015-05Kelly MaxwellKelly Maxwell (book and lyrics) & Meghan Rose (music)
Pudding2015-06Eric HolzMichael Tooher
Bite The Apple2015-07Malissa PettersonMalissa Petterson
Invasion Of The Jesus Snatchers2015-08Brian WildBrian Wild
Big Expectations2015-08Ray OldermanRay Olderman
Are We Delicious Xmas ’152015-09Tony TroutVarious
The 800th Annual Salvation Swing-Off2016-01Malissa PettersonMalissa Petterson
Monster Boogie2016-02Rob MatsushitaRob Matsushita
Sweet William2016-03Doug ReedDoug Reed
Spread The Nudes2016-04Chris HoloydaChris Holoyda
Bar Games2016-05Dan MyersDan Myers
Black & White2016-06HJ FarrKip Price
Esthers Descendants2016-07Jan Levine ThalJan Levine Thal
Playscapes2016-08Kelly Maxwell & Amber McReynoldsKelly Maxwell
The Undertow2016-09John SiewertMichael Tooher
The Full Treatment2017-01Jay ShearerDoug Reed
Richard II2017-02Christopher William WolterWilliam Shakespeare
Dumpster Flower2017-03Malissa PettersonMalissa Petterson
Geppetto2017-04Stephen MurrayStephen Murray
Dick Pix Montana2017-05Chris HoloydaChris Holoyda
Her Dream, A Pen, and A Book2017-06Morganna GrimMorganna Grim
Are We Delicious: Persisted/Bacchae2017-07Malissa Petterson & Tony TroutVarious
Corruption Ball2017-08John SiewertKip Price
Antigone2018-01Christopher William WolterSlavoj Žižek
Menace To Society: A Mormon In Milwaukee2018-02Doug ReedLisa Sipos
Imogen(s)2018-03Niccole CarnerChristopher William Wolter
Are We Delicious: SPRUNG!2018-04Trevin GayVarious
A Contest Of Wills2018-05Matthew KordaColeman
The Vapors2018-06Malissa PettersonMalissa Petterson
All For One! The Three Musketeers Musical2018-07Tony Trout & Brandon JensenDavid Durbin, Kelly Maxwell, Doug Reed, Matt Sloan & Tony Trout
Unpresidented2018-09Maria DahmanPhilip Heckman, Dwayne Yancey,Phillip Kaplan, Jess Schuknecht, Rob Matsushita, Seth McNeill, Amber McReynolds, Doug Reed & Gwendolyn Rice
Are We Delicious: Notorious Damsels2018-10Malissa PettersonHJ Farr, Bree Prehn, Stacey Garbarski, Erica Hagen & Heather Renken
Hemidemisemiquavers2019-01Doug Reed & Suzan KurryL.A. Green, John Lennon, Doug Reed, Mark Harvey Levine, Scott Mullen & Dan Toomey
Prom2019-02Kathy Lynn Sliter & Isabella Anastasia LeighRob Matsushita
Best Friends Stab You (In The Front)2019-03Molly VanderlinGina M. Gomez
Lysistrata2019-04Jen PlantsAristophanes
Sister Girl2019-05Janine GardnerPrudence Wright Holmes
The Widowmaker2019-06Malissa PettersonMalissa Petterson
Half2019-07Maria DahmanDoug Reed
Keep It!: Plucked from the Corpus of Joel Gersmann2019-08Scott FeinerJoel Gersmann & Scott Feiner
Hamilton: The Original 1917 Broadway Smash Hit2019-09Doug ReedMary P. Hamlin & George Arliss
Hark! A Lark!2020-01John SiewertJohn Siewert
Geneology2021-01Dana PellebonT.J. Elliott and Joe Queenan
Laconia2022-01Doug ReedChrista Dahman Zaborske,Taylor Kokinos, Maria Dahman, Brent Holmes, Doug Reed
Happy Landings2022-02Jan Levine ThalPamela Monk
The Guest Book2022-03Gina M. GomezGina M. Gomez
The Little Death2022 04Malissa PettersonMalissa Petterson
The Totally Not Haunted Backstage Tour Where Nothing Can Possibly Go Tragically Awry2022 05Ilsa ReedDoug Reed
The Abortionist: A Woman Against the Law2023-01Scott FeinerJoel Gersmann and Scott Feiner
It’s All Overboard2023-02Maria DahmanLisa Sipos
An Evening of the Absurd2023-03Matt GryzbowskiMatt Gryzbowski
Our Home States (Midwest Edition)2023-04Jan Levine Thal,
Kathleen Tissot,
Brent Holmes,
Bernie Hein,
Robyn Norton
Doug Reed, Maria Dahman, Maripat Allen, Allison Fradkin, Alex Goldberg, Claudia Haas, Marisa Kahler, Jean Koppen, Rex McGregor, James McLindon, Kathleen Allison Johnson
Paul Blart 3: Blart Of Darkness2023-05Doug ReedAlan Talaga
Doed Koecks2024-01Cassie HankinsColeman
Da Classroom Ain’t Enuf2024-02Matt ReinesCharles Payne
Weekend of the Burnt Piano2024-03Sean LangeneckerSean Langenecker