Seeking Managing Director and Facilities Manager

Broom Street Theater is excited to announce that we are seeking two new staff members to join our troupe. We’re looking for a Managing Director to ensure the smooth running of the business end of the enterprise. We’re looking for a Facilities Manager to keep the building and grounds looking inviting and safe.

There is a stipend attached to these positions, and the successful candidates will receive Broom Street membership, as well as a vote on the Board of Directors.

Please send a resume and cover letter to Let us know which position you’re interested in, and why you think you’re the right candidate for the job – as well as why you think you’d be a good fit for our company. We would love to add more diversity to our company, so ALL persons are invited to apply. The Facilities Manager must be located in the Madison area. We will accept resumes until February 15.

Managing Director

  • Rental Management –
    • The Managing Director will facilitate renting our space to performing arts and community groups whose mission aligns with Broom Street Theater
      • Schedule use of the building so that there are no conflicts with the mainstage shows – rehearsing or performing.
      • Keep the building use calendar current
      • Provide incoming groups with guidance on BST rules and regulations.
      • Keep directors and stage managers of mainstage shows informed of when the building will be in use.
      • Schedule appropriate supervision by board or staff
    • The Managing Director will, in consultation with the Artistic Director, maintain a marketing calendar for mainstage shows, and will assist the Artistic Director with impending deadlines for press photos, press releases, WORT blurbs, etc…
    • The Managing Director will, in consultation with the Artistic Director, help manage the education outreach of Broom Street Theater
      • help provide vision and strategic direction for the program
      • maintain a schedule of classes
      • assist with publicity, fundraising, and outreach
    • The Managing Director will, in consultation with the Treasurer, maintain a calendar, accessible by the board, of all license payments, insurance premiums, taxes, and any other necessary periodic obligations which are essential to the theater’s continued operation.
    • The Managing Director will attend board meetings and provide updates on their activities.

Facilities Manager

  • Maintains the building and grounds in compliance with government regulations.
  • Manages buildings and grounds repair projects including planning, acquiring materials, organizing volunteers and establishing a timeline for all tasks
  • Maintains and repairs the theater’s property and tangible assets.
  • Tasks include but are not limited to:
    • Managing building repair projects with volunteers and contractors
    • Supervising or performing regular maintenance, such as lawn mowing, gardening, minor building repairs, and unclogging drains
    • Troubleshooting and resolving technical problems and issues
    • Regular inspections
    • Maintaining consumables such as toilet paper and paintbrushes.
    • Overseeing cleaning of the theater and disposal of trash
    • Oversee snow removal efforts with shows and other volunteers
    • Oversee offsite storage facilities
  • Ensures that all theater assets are in compliance with governmental safety and access requirements.
  • Adhere to the Building Use Policy as written by the Technical Director
  • Communicate with the Technical Director and Technical Committee to ensure that all facilities–theatrical or otherwise–are maintained.