Lekker Mann

Written by: Tracy Doyle & Directed by: Tracy Doyle

Playing: May 31 - June 22, 2013


Rumors of a deadly prion pandemic and one-time love affairs muddy the waters in this visceral disaster drama. Six 30-somethings battle the consequences of disease, betrayal, and desire as a brutal storm rages, flooding the streets and confining the friends to one too-small flat on Madison’s east side. Each individual searches for some peace, an entry into the eye of their own storm.

Lekker Mann is Smith’s first play for Broom Street Theater and features the talents of Eric Olson, Erin Ronayne, Sean McLean, Alicia McCanna, Nick Salimes, and Suzan Kurry.

Prepare to get wet.

Lekker Mann opens May 31st and runs until June 22nd. Performances every Thursday Friday and Saturday at 8pm Tickets are $11 payable at the door. Reservations can be left on our voice mail at (608) 244-8338.