Maya and Me

Written by: Kay Dixon & Directed by: Kay Dixon

Playing: January 14 - January 30, 2011


Maya and Me is a story about the friendship between two women that meet by chance and begin to develop a relationship that not only confuses those around them, but causes both women to see their lives in a different light, and see themselves through each other’s eyes. They learn to lean and depend on one another.

Relationships are about giving and taking, wanting and needing, but what they soon find is that one will need the other just a little bit more.

Kim Dawson – Kay Dixon
Maya DeLong – Christine Clouse Khouyoudi
Jamie – Juli Branch
Princess/Ensemble – Marissa Bode
Carmen – Grace Grindrod – Feeny
Zena – Kate Boomsma
Eric/Tony/Rev. Sander’s Understudy – Brandon Barwick
Dr. Susan Sanders – Susan Shoemaker
Rev. Travis Sanders – Deon Green
Dr. Thompson – Collin Erickson
Cindy/Librarian/Ensemble – Jennifer Russ
Ensemble – Tristan Bode
Ensemble – Sean Bode

Playwright – Kay Dixon
Executive Producer – Kay Dixon
Associate Producer – Patricia Oviedo
Director – Kay Dixon
Assistant Directors – Heather Renken, Autumn Shiley, N-dig0
Director’s Mentor – Callen Harty
Stage Manager – Collin Erickson
Lighting Designer – Taylor Kokinos
Program Designer – Amanda Jones
Set Designer – Ron Fischer
Set Artist – Ingrid Kallick
Set Piece Artists – Devon Roberts, Tristson Brooks
Sound Designer – Shaun Jacob
Sound Technician – Amanda Jones
Light Technician – Melissa Halpin
Costume Designer – Sharon White
Poster Designer – Amanda Jones
Photographer – Heather Renken
Publicity – Heather Renken/Elena Tabachnick