W8ting 4 G-Dogg

Written by: Brendan Hartmann & Directed by: Matt Kenyon

Playing: March 21, 2014 - April 12, 2014


W8ting_4_Gdogg_vf_lowBroom Street Theater presents W8ting 4 G-Dogg, written by Brendan Hartmann and directed by Matt Kenyon.

W8ting 4 G-Dogg is the story of two bewildered souls with nothing left but each other and the belief in a mysterious man’s arrival. Join them for the hilarious absurdity and bittersweetness of their quest for answers as Vincent and Tutu ponder life, death, pork, drugs and many points in between. Will G-Dogg ever show up? Or will the leering but friendly Banker Alberto Ponzi lure them into a wild journey before he does? One thing is for sure, only curious minds will know the truth.

W8ting 4 G-Dogg will run at Broom Street Theater at 8pm March 21st until April 12th. Tickets are $11.00.  For more information or to make reservations contact Broom Street Theater at (608) 244-8338 or reserve online at bstonline.org/reserve .