On the Corner of Clark and Vine

“There’s water running in the bathroom… I have forgotten why I turned it on.”

Sometimes the memories of our lives are told in the faces of strangers we meet. Two of these strangers, both needing connection, find each other… and in finding each other, they find themselves. Is it an excuse to live or a reason to die?

On the Corner of Clark and Vine is Michigan native Autumn Shiley’s debut on the Broom Street stage as a playwright, director, and actress. This new play tells stories we all know: love, loss, and our search for meaning after both. Sometimes a poem, sometimes a song or a dance, and always honest, On the Corner of Clark and Vine is never afraid to share these delicate joys – and relish lives, lived and unlived.

Shiley, Don Dexter, Mary Fairweather Dexter, Collin Erickso...

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Splendor in the Math

Math! A word that strikes fear into many a heart. But why? Splendor in the Math, a new comedy by Scott Feiner, uses innovative staging and humor to explore the fear of mathematics and show how complex math concepts relate to our everyday. Feiner’s work will subtract the fear of math and replace it instead with multiple laughs and divide us from the obstacles that keep us from enjoying the math in our daily lives.

Splendor in the Math marks Feiner’s return to the Broom Street Stage after 6 years in New York, New York. The cast boasts Broom Street veterans Kate Boomsma, Tracy Doyle, Eric Holz, Heather Renken, Patrick Robbins, John Siewert, and Brent West, and introduces Heidi Hinshaw to the Madison stage.

Opening February 17, Splendor runs for four weekends on every Thursday, Friday, and...

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Trapped in a household that never made it out of the 1950s, a young man comes of age and finds his inner Viking. From the Castro to the Cleavers, this comedy breaks the ice and asks what happens when our families keep us from being ourselves.

This premier production of Iceland, by Michael Tooher,marks the first time the playwright’s work will be performed in Wisconsin, with Madison Theater veteran Collin Erickson making his directorial debut. The cast features Broom Street veterans Terry Lane, Joe Lutz, Luke Kokinos, Grace Grindrod-Feeny, Eric Holz and Kate Boomsma.

Opening March 23rd, Iceland runs for four weekends on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening at 8 PM. Playwright Michael Tooher will be visiting from Maine and will be attending opening night...

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900 is a love story in real time – the play ends when the call ends.

At 11:11 pm, the conversation begins.

One game. Two players. They’ll either both win…

Or they’ll both lose.

900 is Rob Matsushita’s romantic comedy about Ben, who has just moved into town and has never called a phone sex line before and Augustina,  a comic book geek who works out of her apartment. They’re about to have a phone sex call like no other. Directed by Kathy Lynn Sliter and starring Katherine Boomsma and N-Dig0, “900” is an edgy romantic comedy for audiences ages 17 and up.

900 opens April 27th and runs until May 19th 2012. Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Doors open at 7:40pm. Tickets are $9. Reservations are encouraged but not required. Please call (608) 244-8338 to make a reservatio...

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Tracks: A Cycle in Two Plays

racks is a cycle of two plays that examine where we have been, what lies ahead, the connections we make, the light at the end and the darkness that creeps in around the edges. Staring: Lee Waldhart, Don Dexter, Liz Angle Milisch, Susan Levin, Autumn Shiley, Jesse Gustafson, Jay Gabel, and Andrew Burtless. Tracks marks Christopher Younggren’s first production at Broom Street Theater.

In “Station” we meet two lost travelers who must discover a way to exit a seemingly inescapable train station. In the process, they encounter others who both illuminate and confuse them, as they are forced to find strength in each other and ultimately fight for their very survival and struggle onward toward the light.

“Train Song” finds a young man, Lyle Tanner, arriving at a battered old train shack in a for...

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