Inspired by a true story, “Class” is a disturbing and comic exploration of the dark side of being human.

In 1968, Riceville, Iowa third-grade teacher, Jane Elliott, wanted to teach – really teach – her students a lesson about prejudice. It was the week after Martin Luther King’s assassination. The lesson she taught worked so well it resulted in two documentaries (by Frontline and PBS) and forever changed the lives of her students.

In this fictional two-act modern re-telling, on the day after the introduction of her new lesson the teacher is confronted by an angry parent accompanied by the school principal. But the parent and the principal quickly become students themselves, and learn the lesson with hilarious and tragic consequences.”

Class is Coleman’s first play produced at Broom Street ...

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Not the Artist

When Livia Hart becomes famous overnight for painting a giant sex scene on a building that houses an abortion clinic, her agent has a brilliant plan to capitalize on the sudden fame. She urges Livia to sign dozens of other paintings—which happen to have been painted by Ruley Jones, another starving artist and Livia’s lover. Can they pull off the scheme without artistic integrity (make that jealousy) causing damage to themselves and the paintings? This serious comedy examines the relationship of artist to art, and of artist to other artists.>

Not the Artist is Kurt Mc Ginnis Brown’s first production at Broom Street Theater. Kate Boomsma, Manny Jones, Adam Williams, Joe Lutz and Don Dexter make up the talented ensemble that bring this serious comedy to life.

Not the Artist opens Februa...

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Superhero Boogie

Superheroes, space rangers, cops, crooks, and robots, this show’s got it all! Selections from children’s records are played, and a group of actors lip-sync and act them out, and try to get to the bottom of why these characters stay with us. We’re going to relive all the excitement that 1970’s children’s albums could bring you!

Josh Epstein, Grace Grindrod-Feeney, Luke Kokinos, Sean Langenecker, Ali Lemus, Kelly Maxwell and Benjamin Otto make up the talented cast.

Superhero Boogie opens March 22nd and runs until April 13th. Performances every Thursday Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Tickets are $11 payable at the door. Reservations can be left on our voice mail at (608) 244-8338

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Orphan Train

It is the late 1800’s, long before Social Security, when hundreds of thousands of homeless and orphaned children ran in the mean streets of New York.  Some worked as newspaper boys, formed gangs, stole food, were jailed with adults, or were placed in ‘educational’ orphan asylums with not much hope for a bright future. But the lucky ones rode the train west.  The Orphan Train is their story.

Orphan Train is Deanna Reed’s first play to be produced with Broom Street Theater and Lindsey Hoel Neds first time directing for our theater. Vimala Hile, Diego Nieto, Frances Olson, Elizabeth Robbins, Japhy Wright-Miller, Brent West, Alexandra Soglin , Nancy Craig, Ben Otto and Aaron Nemoyer make up the very talented cast.

Orphan Train opens April 26th and runs until May 18th...

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Lekker Mann

Rumors of a deadly prion pandemic and one-time love affairs muddy the waters in this visceral disaster drama. Six 30-somethings battle the consequences of disease, betrayal, and desire as a brutal storm rages, flooding the streets and confining the friends to one too-small flat on Madison’s east side. Each individual searches for some peace, an entry into the eye of their own storm.

Lekker Mann is Smith’s first play for Broom Street Theater and features the talents of Eric Olson, Erin Ronayne, Sean McLean, Alicia McCanna, Nick Salimes, and Suzan Kurry.

Prepare to get wet.

Lekker Mann opens May 31st and runs until June 22nd. Performances every Thursday Friday and Saturday at 8pm Tickets are $11 payable at the door. Reservations can be left on our voice mail at (608) 244-8338.

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