On the Street Found Spaces Event

An experiment in public theater. Each show gets $20 and must use a found, non traditional theater space to create a unique theater experience. What happens when we take the experiment out of Broom Street and put it on your street? Fill-in-the-Blank Street Theater.

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The Waiting Room

Grab your ticket stubs and black tee shirts!! Michael Tooher, writer of the innovative “Iceland” during Broom Street Theater’s 2012 Season, creates an original spin on a “traditional” backstage experience. This PG-13 production shines the spotlight on the un-sung heroes of show business.

The Waiting Room features Bryan Royston, Jason Compton, Jenna Side, Amanda Jones, Jacob Nelson, Paul Lorentz and Maurice “Recey” Longino. Odari Kimani, studied Theatre at Edgewood College and is a longtime Broom Street and Madison Theatre Community veteran. This is his directorial debut.

Michael Tooher recently won the Cambridge School at Weston’s Playwriting Award for his play: “The Tree of The Methodists” and will be a visiting lecturer in social science and in the playwriting department next term, alon...

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From the day of jury selection for the George Zimmerman trial for killing Trayvon Martin until the day the verdict was handed down—about a month—61 people were killed in the city of Chicago.  Seven of them were children under the age of 18.  Every day there are murders in cities all over America and most of them don’t get noticed.  But they impact those whose lives intersect because of the moment of violence.

Callen Harty’s new Broom Street Theater play, Triggered, examines the impact of a random killing on several characters—the mother of the victim, the father of the killer, and a young woman who happened to witness the shooting, among others.  The play explores the culture of violence in our country and the paths to redemption.

Harty is a long-time community activist and p...

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The Sweet Lowdown

The Sweet Lowdown is a night of two one-act plays about diabetes by Matthew DeFour and Mary Fairweather Dexter. The plays use different styles to educate the public and debunk the myths about diabetes, both T1D and T2D. The production, opening Oct. 25 at Broom Street Theater in Madison and running for four weekends, was made possible with a grant from the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

The Diabetes Hands Foundation has provided seed grant money to Madison playwrights Matt DeFour and Mary Fairweather Dexter. They will be presenting an evening of two one-act plays addressing Diabetes. The first play “Two Diabetics” tells the story of a Type 1 and a Type 2. The second play “The Sweet Lowdown” combines music, comedy and dance to explain the science, stigma and politics of Diabetes...

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Cassandra’s Gift

Futuristic comedy-drama. A hundred years from now, unforeseen consequences of social policy cause population growth that forces ordinary people into cramped apartments full of strangers. A band of brave scientists and artists battle dwindling resources to cure a virus that could wipe out the planet. And yet there are laughs. Features an original song by award-winning composer Michael A. Levine, who wrote the Kit-Kat song.

CAST: Christen Cook, Tim Graf, Alicia McCanna, Benjamin Otto, Tyler Falco Schott, and Sarah Whelan,

NOTE: PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE differs from BST’s usual, occurring over three weekends and including TWO MATINEES

Friday, December 6, 8pm
Saturday, December 7, 8pm
Sunday, December 8, 3pm MATINEE
Thursday, December 12, 8pm
Friday, December 13, 8pm
Saturday, Decem...

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