Written by: Coleman & Directed by: Tyler Falco Schott

Playing: January 11 - February 4, 2013


Inspired by a true story, “Class” is a disturbing and comic exploration of the dark side of being human.

In 1968, Riceville, Iowa third-grade teacher, Jane Elliott, wanted to teach – really teach – her students a lesson about prejudice. It was the week after Martin Luther King’s assassination. The lesson she taught worked so well it resulted in two documentaries (by Frontline and PBS) and forever changed the lives of her students.

In this fictional two-act modern re-telling, on the day after the introduction of her new lesson the teacher is confronted by an angry parent accompanied by the school principal. But the parent and the principal quickly become students themselves, and learn the lesson with hilarious and tragic consequences.”

Class is Coleman’s first play produced at Broom Street Theater. Director Tyler Schott has worked at BST as an actor and designer, but this is his first time directing in our space. Jeff Kelm, Kayla Stelzel, Anne Blust, and Tess Klingele ,all newcomers to Broom Street Theater, grace the stage with their performances. Broom Street Theater reinvents itself with every new story, every new voice. Come experience what Broom Street Theater is today.

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Join us on January 12th after Class for Chez Bouché.

A free BST Aftershow.

Now delighting the Midwest with a “bawd-villian” blend of stand-up comedy, intricately-choreographed dance numbers, and bold sex appeal, Chez Bouché: A Dance/Comedy Revue is a provocative, edgy variety show that is sure to please and intrigue you with its naughty, glamorous, neo-burlesque feel.

The kid in you will giggle along with our colorful, kooky characters, magic tricks, and irreverent puppetry; the adult in you will gape at our sexually-ambiguous superheroes, our erotic renditions of popular folklore, and our elaborate yet revealing costumes. So sit back and enjoy the madness of the comedy risque that is Chez Bouché!