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Christopher Younggren
Suzan Kurry

GBC“I have a story that might interest you. They say it couldn’t happen. But it did. They say it was unbelievable. Believe it. This story is absolutely true.”
-Washington Irving

In this fractured sequel to a classic fairy tale, find out what happens “after happily ever” and the consequences of not making sure an oven door is latched securely, when BBQing a wicked witch…

For those tired of the same old Christmas carols, we offer this ditty as a holiday alternative; however, can’t guarantee your heart cockles will be warmed…

Bedelia Woods- Sarah Whelan
Timmy Finklestein – Luka Simpson
Oswald Van Hesling – Thomas Amacher
Brother – Zach James
Sister – Vanessa Vesperman

Performances: December 5-20, 2014
Performance Times: Thursday – Saturday @ 8pm, Saturdays @ 4pm



Gingerbreadcrumbs TRAILER from Rob Matsushita on Vimeo.


Cast and Crew


Tom Amacher (Oswald)  Tom earned a B.A. in theater from U.W.-Whitewater where he studied saying the same words over and over again.  This is his first time doing so at Broom Street, and he is thrilled to be here.

Trillian Bergmann (Stage Manager) is thrilled to be a part of Gingerbreadcrumbs, the second Broom Street show she’s been involved in. Her thanks go to everyone involved, including those who showed up to watch.

Zachary James (Brother) This is Zachary’s first production at Broom Street. He has previously acted at The Backlot Comedy House, in Oshkosh Wisconsin, as well as The Prairie Theatre at UW Fond du Lac. He has also written, directed, and acted in several short films for No Refund Films and Sketch_e Comedy.

Suzan Kurry (Director) is honored to return to Broom Street, this time to direct.
She thanks you for supporting the arts.

Tom Littrell (Lighting Designer) is happy to be lighting his third show at Broom Street after ‘The Waiting Room’ and ‘Glasshole.’  He is very excited to be working with this great director and cast and proud to be a part of the incredible Madison theatre community. Love to Stacy for her support.

Luka Simpson (Timothy Finkelstein) is extremely proud to be joining the holiday cast of Gingerbreadcrumbs.  Luka is a sixth grade student at Glacial Drumlin Middle School in Cottage Grove.  His favorite subjects in school are math, choir, and gym.  Luka also enjoys baseball, basketball, and cheering for his favorite sports teams (Go Bears!).  Since age 10, Luka has appeared locally in several fractured fairy tales under the direction of James Crockett.  Luka enjoys being on stage, doing what he truly loves to do!  He wants to thank everyone at Broom Street Theater for giving him this amazing opportunity!

Vanessa Vesperman (Sister) is thrilled to be in her first Broom Street Theater show. Her previous roles include Jane Lynch in The Game Show Show, Patricia inMine or Yours from Queer Shorts 5, and Supervisor in The Happy Couple from Queer Shorts 5. She would like to thank her dog Scooter for understanding when she is always gone for rehearsal and Zach for all his help and support.

Christopher Younggren (Playwright) is delighted to return to Broom Street, the first time since his 2012 production “Tracks” and his last Madison production before moving to Tucson, this month. He is very grateful to Suzan and the cast for the magic they have made from his words, as well as everyone else who has been so supportive during his time in Madison – I’m gonna miss this place.

Sarah Whelan (Bedelia Woods) has been actively working in theatre for over 65 years both acting and directing.   She has performed in many US states and a number of European venues.     She is a past president of  the Bartell Theatre Foundation, which she helped to establish.  Her last appearance at Broom Street was in Cassandra’s Gift.