Spread the Nudes

Spread the Nudes picks up with up-and-coming Christian rock Spread the News, just after the band kicks out their drummer after he was caught fornicating with the pastor’s daughter.  The band is offered an opening slot for the big DC Talk reunion show, but with two weeks to go the only drummer they can find is is … Jewish.  What to do?  What would Jesus do?  They decide He’d go with the Jew!  Meanwhile, the band’s bear bassist can’t keep his thoughts off of the twinks in the choir, while female fans tempt the singer with lusty sins…like, the really bad kind…and they hit the road.
Broom Street Theater presents the Madison debut of this irreverent musical comedy May 27th and 28th, and June 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th.

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Sweet William

The infield dirt turns to mud, and the diamond loses its shine, as the meanest major leaguer who ever wore spikes finally submits to an interview fifty years after his playing days.

What was Willie’s part in baseball’s most sordid sex scandal? What really happened to the team owner’s missing daughter?

A rollicking tragicomedy told in flashback – a sordid tale of virtue and vice; sunshine fields and shadowy back rooms – where only the Grim Reaper can call the final out.

Doug Reed, writer of the 2011 hit The Lamentable Tragedie of Scott Walker , returns to the Broom Street director’s chair after a five-year absence, with a play that explores sex, revenge, and baseball. The cast are a blend of longtime local theatre stalwarts and Monkey Business Institute improvisers...

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Monster Boogie

mb1The final Boogie show from Rob Matsushita!

A “Boogie” is a show where we play spoken word or children’s albums, and act them out onstage (going by the mindset of the children we were when we first heard them)

Monster Boogie is another vinyl-strewn romp through spoken word albums of the past, and this time, we’re taking on horror, because you always save the best for last!

Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, serial killers, and the working-class heroes who bust them. This is your last chance to Boogie.

Opening Friday February 12th and running Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM until Saturday March 5th.

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The 800th Annual Salvation Swing-Off

artDeco.8x11Broom Street Theater announces its first show of the 2016 season, The 800th Annual Salvation Swing-Off, a biblical romp about bureaucracy and the great beyond, written and directed by Malissa Petterson.

To break up the monotony of soul-cleansing in Purgatory’s laundromat, inbetweeners are given the opportunity to compete for a golden ticket to the Greater Side: in a good, old-fashioned dance-a-thon. As couples rival for immediate rapture, the angels cope with the afterlife business beadledom while red tape, misplaced coversheets, and pin-up she-devils stand by to throw a red sock in with the bleach load. All in an eternity’s work.

The 800th Annual Salvation Swing-Off opens Friday, January 8th and runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through January 30th.

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