Broom Street Theater is proud to present Imogen(s), a brand new “Princess and the Pauper”-type story by local playwright Christopher William Wolter and directed by UW-Madison alumna, Niccole Carner.

Imogen(s) follows a young royal as she abandons her status as regent in order to reunite with her husband, and a young peasant girl who seizes the crown and attempts to reorder the world that is crumbling around her.

This production challenges the presentation of women as objects and images, examines the highly political nature of love, and evaluates the self-destructive power of perceived scarcity. Join us for this thoughtful, visually captivating production which will leave you contemplating the messy world we find ourselves in currently.


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Menace To Society: A Mormon In Milwaukee

Other than the fact that Emma is a 27 year old virgin with no job and lives in her parents’ basement, her life is going just fine. What’s to become of her when her sheltered Mormon upbringing clashes with the outside world? Why does the Prophet Joseph Smith keep showing up in her mind? And how is she supposed to live in the beer capital of the country, and never even try a sip?

Featuring Liza Sipos, HJ Farr, Jaclyn June Johnson, James Rowe, Sean H. Cairns, Elayne Juten, Brent Holmes, Miranda Belle, Mike Rores and Anthony Cary as the Prophet Joseph Smith.

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Slavoj Žižek’s Antigone

Broom Street Theater is proud to present a World Premiere of a new adaptation of Antigone by the “most dangerous philosopher in the west”, Slavoj Žižek. This non-traditional telling with all female leads, directed by Christopher William Wolter, features masks, movement, and mayhem : an ethical and political intervention into the complexities of desire; a biting commentary on the conflicts between the state and the family, the individual and the collective, love and duty, revolutionary violence and the security of the status quo.

The mostly-female cast features Stacey Garbarski as Antigone, Jamie England as Creon, Maddi Conway as Haemon, Melissa Minkoff as Tiresias, and Clarice Lafayette as Ismene.

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Corruption Ball

Jack Carter just won election to the Senate and it’s the night of the inaugural ball. Little does he know, that’s the easiest part of becoming a senator. He has to go through several initiation rites. Will he pass? Will he fail? Or will it all tumble down around him?

Running: Nov 17 – Dec 16, 8PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
(No shows the week of Thanksgiving, Thursday Nov 30 canceled)

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Are We Delicious?: Bacchae! the Dionysus Disco Musical

Tragedy meets Travolta in Are We Delicious? Bacchae! the Dionysus Disco Musical. An all-star cast of Madison musicians, writers, and performers join to create a full-length comic musical based on the ancient Greek tragedy of the god Dionysus and the Bacchae, a bunch of nasty women who reach ecstasy through wine, dancing and tearing apart animals with their bare hands. Set to an original disco and 70’s music score, Are We Delicious? explores the conflict between conformity and freedom, structure and chaos.

Writer/Actors: Cat Capellaro, Elayne Juten, Brad Knight, Kelly Maxwell, and Karen Saari

Composer/Musicians: H.R. Britton, Annelies Howell, Brandon Jensen, Alivia Kleinfeldt, and Andrew Rohn

When: September 28-29-30 and October 5-6 @ 8 pm, October 7 @ 4 pm

Running time: 90 minutes with i...

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