Her Dream, a Pen, and a Book.

Written by: Morganna Grim & Directed by: Morganna Grim

Playing: July 13 - 29

Welcome to Cape Cache, a village cursed centuries ago to remain apathetic and complacent against both the trials and joys of the world. Along with this infliction came the mysterious Dreams, guardians from another world to inspire children as they grow up. With their guidance, everything should be in order – but the scales are tipped when families reject the Dreams, and the solemn Corvid swoops in to steal them away. Catry of Cape Cache and Todd the Dream set out to reunite a lost pair in a whimsical fantasy tale of goodwill, hope, and sacrifice.

Written and directed by Morganna Grim, with original music composed and performed live by Baltimore Krahn, Emily Swanson, and Liam McCarty. Choreography by Loryn Jonelis.

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