Dick Pix Montana

Written by: Chris Holoyda & Directed by: Chris Holoyda

Playing: June 2 - June 24

In fair Verona, Wisconsin, where we lay our scene…

Broom Street Theater presents an original premiere never-before-seen Shakespearean cyber-thriller courtroom drama romantic tragicomedy with psychosexual undertones, from the writer of “Spread the Nudes” and “Lobotomy: the Musical!”

What more do you really need to know? Alright if you insist: it’s about a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, banished by their parents, who can communicate only through Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Romeo (Richard) accidentally snaps a photo of his, um, masculine silhouette to a modern-day Juliet…except he posts it to his Snapchat story instead of the intended object of his affection. O Romeo, wherefore didst thy thumb slippeth while using Snapchat?

Everyone in the teeming metropolis of Verona, Wisconsin, happens to see…it. Due in no small part to Julia’s dad’s connections with the local DA, Rich is arrested and charged with two felonies. What destiny awaits our modern-day Romeo? Probably incarceration, possibly the sex offender registry, perhaps suicide, or maybe even true love…maybe. It’s a long shot.

Jack Morrison
Lacey Smithmier
Isabella Virrueta
Mark Christensen
Cassie Charleston
Mitch Taylor
Sarah Brown

Light design: Tom Littrell

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