On the Corner of Clark and Vine

Written by: Autumn Shiley & Directed by: Autumn Shiley

Playing: January 13 - February 4, 2012


“There’s water running in the bathroom… I have forgotten why I turned it on.”

Sometimes the memories of our lives are told in the faces of strangers we meet. Two of these strangers, both needing connection, find each other… and in finding each other, they find themselves. Is it an excuse to live or a reason to die?

On the Corner of Clark and Vine is Michigan native Autumn Shiley’s debut on the Broom Street stage as a playwright, director, and actress. This new play tells stories we all know: love, loss, and our search for meaning after both. Sometimes a poem, sometimes a song or a dance, and always honest, On the Corner of Clark and Vine is never afraid to share these delicate joys – and relish lives, lived and unlived.

Shiley, Don Dexter, Mary Fairweather Dexter, Collin Erickson, Phrannie Lyons, and BST newcomer Dan Myers share the stage in this inspired work.

Come and experience the inaugural piece of Broom Street Theater’s anticipated 2012 Season. Tickets are $9 at the door at 1119 Williamson Street, with performances at 8 PM every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from January 13 through February 4. Make a reservation at (608) 244-8338, or visit BSTOnline.org or Facebook.com/BroomStreetTheater for more information.