Splendor in the Math

Written by: Scott Feiner & Directed by: Scott Feiner

Playing: February 17th - March 10th, 2012


Math! A word that strikes fear into many a heart. But why? Splendor in the Math, a new comedy by Scott Feiner, uses innovative staging and humor to explore the fear of mathematics and show how complex math concepts relate to our everyday. Feiner’s work will subtract the fear of math and replace it instead with multiple laughs and divide us from the obstacles that keep us from enjoying the math in our daily lives.

Splendor in the Math marks Feiner’s return to the Broom Street Stage after 6 years in New York, New York. The cast boasts Broom Street veterans Kate Boomsma, Tracy Doyle, Eric Holz, Heather Renken, Patrick Robbins, John Siewert, and Brent West, and introduces Heidi Hinshaw to the Madison stage.

Opening February 17, Splendor runs for four weekends on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening at 8 PM. Each Thursday’s performance will feature a talkback with local mathematicians after the show, with a special event on March 8 to celebrate the concept of E8. Tickets are $9 at the door; talkbacks are free and open to the public. Call (608) 244-8338 for reservations, and visit BSTOnline.org for more information